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Chapter 2 - Ubiquity

In-depth exploration of hegemonic masculinity and femininity. Challenge the status quo. An ode to individualism, addressing cultural norms and gender socialisation.

Inspired by the rebellious attitude of Bosozoku Japanese youth subculture, the collection explores clothing silhouette beyond gender. Transforming clothing as armours and second skin to go against the repressive society where gender norms are socially constructed. Fluidity and futurism, tradition versus progress, combine in distinctive aesthetic mixing both restricted yet liberating tailored pieces, strategic utilitarian detailing, artisanal craftsmanship, hand-distressed denim, highlighting fiery red color palette as a symbol of strength and courage.

'Chapter 2  - Ubiquity' collaboration campaign featuring Indonesia Medan's social influencers who are at the forefront in their own fields and representing their social circles.

Featuring Delvanni, Delvinna, Eliza Chandra, Jesica Fu, Maggie Wong, Qintari Aninditha,
Alvin Zhang, Putra Halim, Baim D'bill, Andy Wi, Carlos Fernando, Budi Baskoro.
Photographed by Andreas Ciugianto.

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