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As moonlight streaks across the space, a moment of alchemy is happening at the WU Lab.

Reduce.  Reinvent.  Regenerate. 

Sustainability is more than just a trend,
It’s at the core of WILLIAM UTAMA’s key values.

Today. Tomorrow. Always.


Since its inception, WILLIAM UTAMA has committed itself to foster mindful consumption habits, offering collections that are seasonless and timeless within a slow fashion context. By Implementing more contained and responsible practices in creating enduring products with uncompromising craftsmanship and sustainable materials in order to limit the impact our business has on the environment. Producing collections in small batches and on a pre-order basis to avoid unsold inventory. A shift from quantity to quality, both in production and consumption. We maintain a close relationship with our product manufacturers and textile artisans mainly based in Indonesia. All WILLIAM UTAMA products are ethically made by tailors and technicians with years of experience in garment making. Sustainable practices are always closely followed, consciously shortening the supply chain and minimizing carbon footprint with our planetary boundaries in mind.



One of our circular strategies also involves reworking and upcycling. WILLIAM UTAMA sources material from its partnered garment factories where unsold garments are reused as raw material. WU also rescues deadstock fabrics before they are discarded. Due to this nature, we rarely find large quantities of any one fabric. Small rolls mean small production runs. Oftentimes, we make only 1 or 2 pieces in a specific fabric or print.

UTAMA is on a quest of bringing Indonesia traditional textiles into a wider audience, committed to fill in the gap and being the bridge that connects traditional Indonesian craftsmanship by working closely with skillful Indonesian textile artisans in preserving traditions with progressive innovation and producing artisanal masterpieces. Textiles are being further experimented and engineered to create unique pieces that are aligned with WU aesthetic and DNA.


WILLIAM UTAMA is committed to producing fashion with an awareness of overconsumption and waste. WILLIAM UTAMA also salvages production waste from local garment factories’ cutting room floors, saving every tiny fabric scrap, reworking surplus materials, products and artifacts, transforming waste into unique and individually-numbered pieces. This circular practice celebrates the joy of discovering and values creativity, sustainability and conscious consumption, ultimately aims to close the loop of design and manufacturing process.


Upcycling and repurposing not only saves waste from ending up in landfills but also minimizes the need for new production, which consumes valuable resources. Upcycled and repurposed materials are at the center of our design process. Discarded materials are thoughtfully engineered and being reborn into one-of-a-kind pieces. Editions of one, never to be repeated.

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