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Chapter 3 - Trajectory

The cultivation of lived-experience. Contemplation of the past, rekindling childhood memories. Embracing one's roots and heritage, celebration of love and life.

A sartorial response to the zeitgeist of cultural relativism in embracing gender fluidity and nihilism. Influenced by life experience of living under a repressive system. The collection explores the notion of diaspora and questions cultural identity and perception of beauty through clothing by re-contextualising the stereotypical and ambiguous traditional social norms.
Inspired by the hedonistic glory days of the 80s - 90s club kids and blitz kids with Robert Miles masterpiece ‘Children’ served as the starting point, The melancholic freedom and a sense of nostalgia, oddly familiar yet so foreign. A series of John Simone street captures of Leigh and friends showcasing vibrant clash of prints which is translated into this collection, infused with WU DNA and aesthetic, resulting in a fusion of cultures, celebration of diversity. Trajectory cements the WILLIAM UTAMA signature pieces with revisited silhouettes from its inaugural collection, signature cuts, textile treatment and highlighting on Indonesian artisanal textile.


"With this 'Chapter-3', I went back to my roots, rekindling my childhood memories. Each piece has a distinct story and collectively narrates a story about my journey and upbringing of defying the odds and overcoming adversity. This collection is a culmination of everything that I’ve learned throughout the years, picking up where I left off; a conference between my past and present.

This is dedicated to my family, dearest friends whom have been supporting me and always got my back throughout all these years." - Liam

More will be revealed...

Chapter 3  - Trajectory lookbook and campaign is in collaboration with Swedish formidable talents.
Photogapher of the 1st session : Licia

Production Assistant : Henry Hank

Featured muses in frame : Josef Danielsson, Hassan, Henrik Ala-Prinkilla, Lawrence.

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